Write For Love Guidelines

Write for Love is looking for exceptional, thoughtful essays that encourage dialogue and debate, that foster relationships between estranged neighbours, that change the narrative of hate from both sides to one of love and respect. This may include discussions on social issues, art, theatre, music, film or books. It may also include politics and religion, but only within the guidelines presented below.

  1. Contributions to Write for Love may include fiction (short stories no longer than 1500 words), news relevant to our basic objective, and thoughts/articles/blogposts (also no longer than 1500 words).
  2. Contributions published on loveacrossborders.org may not be submitted elsewhere, nor may they be republished without the express consent of Indireads or the editors of Write for Love.
  3. The form of your contribution (i.e., prose, poetry, fiction, epistolary) is entirely up to you. If it fits into the concept detailed here, it will be accepted.
  4. Derogatory language, articles that attack, subtly or otherwise, or discriminate against any religion, race or gender will not be tolerated at all. Please keep the premise (i.e., Write for Love) in mind when sending in your contributions.
  5. Contributors who post directly on the site’s backend will not have the authority to publish their posts. They may upload images, format and edit their own posts.
  6. All contributions must be edited and proof-read before submission. Indireads’ own editors may further edit the contribution if they feel it necessary.
  7. Unedited or poorly written contributions will not be published. We believe in establishing a culture of excellence and encourage our contributors to improve their writing through any avenue available to them.
  8. All contributions are voluntary and no remuneration will be offered at this time. Indireads reserves the right to revise this policy at a later date and is not liable to make retroactive payments for contributions made prior to any such revision.

The 20 best short stories and essays contributed over the next year will be compiled into an anthology (Volume II of Love Across Borders) and will be released on August 14/15 2015. Authors retain all copyright to their work, but in publishing your work on this site, you agree to allow Indireads to use your work in the compilation. Love Across Borders is distributed for free around the world.

We encourage you to share your posts on your own networks and to join the discussion wherever possible.

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